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GreatSoft CRM - Practice Management Software

We save our clients up to R5,000 per employee per month

Every minute counts for service providers who charge by the hour.

Most accounting firms are laden with inefficient internal practices, causing employees to waste valuable time on administrative tasks. GreatSoft's practice management software (PMS) reduces process-based inefficiencies by providing ten integrated modules to manage every area of operations, from tracking billable hours to eFiling tax returns, all on a single, secure location to store data.

GreatSoft’s software, which can be accessed through the public cloud or installed on a client’s private server, integrates and streamlines operations across multiple offices, currencies, and jurisdictions.

GreatSoft helps clients minimize the time needed for administrative tasks and maximize the time available for billable services. Its software saves clients 4-12 hours; or R5,000 per employee per month, and clients typically realize a return on investment (ROI) within six months.